Slipper Camp

Slipper camp is my version of a boot camp for the voice. Over one hour, in a group setting, I lead a class through my approach to vocal exercises. We begin by working on breath release, delving deeply into the parasympathetic functioning of the Autonomic Nervous System. We approach pitch as an extension of the human body not an external goal. We access resonance throughout the chest and head letting emotion and relationship fuel the opening of internal space.

Slipper camp attendance needs to be frequent – at least once a week. This allows the technique to become deeply familiar. Eventually we build sustainable stamina through the repetition of a familiar series of tones and vocal slides. When possible I give individual instruction.

My hope is that each students learns more about their own voice, emotional spectrum and physical tendencies, and that as members of a vocal community we integrate rest and digest with fight and flight within each of our bodies.

To participate in Slipper Camp a student needs to have had at least one private lesson with me.

I offer a 5 class pass for $60.