a little rain never hurt no one

the trippy happy edgy, love-sexy, naughty performance was completely and simply spectacular
Now Magazine

A Little Rain

“AN EVENING SPENT WITH FIDES Krucker is always an extraordinary event. In her new cabaret work, A Little Rain Never Hurt No One (the title comes from a Tom Waits song that opens and closes the show), Krucker wails, croons and seduces the audience with material ranging from Arnold Schoenberg and Rodgers and Hart to Prince and Leonard Cohen.

With a smoky voice and amazing vocal technique, she can excite or chill the listener as she turns instantly from intentionally raspy notes to honeyed phrases. My Funny Valentine alternates angry expression and innocent enticement, while she turns Antonio Carlos Jobim’s Insensitive into a quiet, low-key monologue, accompanied by pianist Sageev Oore on a tinkly toy piano.

Krucker turns up the blues quotient with Dan Fisher’s http://laparkan.com/buy-accutane/ Good Morning Heartache, plays on an empty olive-oil can as the musical break in The Girl From Ipanema — to which she adds tricky syncopation — and bounces vocal dissonances off Oore’s piano melody in Cole Porter’s Every Time I Say Goodbye. Hell, with her amazing control, she even uses her voice like a kazoo, sliding through the notes of Am I Blue? and finally turning it into a torch song to end all torch songs.”

Jon Kaplan – NOW Magazine


Chosen in the Now Magazine Top 10 of 2002!


a tasty little cabaret to tease the ear and challenge the emotions.

enter the pleasure and pain of tunes by:

prince, tom waits, billie holliday, cole porter,
leonard cohen, jane siberry and arnold schoenberg

Performance – Fides Krucker
Piano – Sageev Oore
Direction – Mark Christmann
Design – Laird Macdonald
Percussion – Rick Sacks