cp salon

"The songs were vessels carrying the hidden joys and sorrows of the creative act itself…a hurricane of emotion brought with the greatest love imaginable and placed aurally in our hearts and hands. It was unlike anything I'd known."
Layne Coleman

"We are rarely given the opportunity to see art that is created from such a place of profound truth, that combines exquisite skill, raw emotion and both passion and humour. The music is searing and hooks deep into the hearts of the audience, both embracing us and bringing us nose to nose with our own preconceptions and prejudices. It creates an emotional and intellectual journey that demands and engages in equal part."
Diana Belshaw

" ...as dramatically striking as it was emotionally powerful. The most gorgeous moment? Tsuruoka and Oore jamming on the piano, their warmth, chemistry and joy lighting up the room."
Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine. [2005,Toronto premiere]

It's http://www.mindanews.com/buy-inderal/ about Love.
It's about Cerebral Palsy.
It's about A MAN with a disability

Singer/storyteller Kazumi Tsuruoka is joined by pianist Tania Gill: through rhythm and blues they tell the love story of a man with cerebral palsy. The 50-minute music-driven piece, produced and directed by Fides Krucker of Good Hair Day Productions, premiered in Toronto and has toured to Vancouver, Regina and Whitehorse.

kazumi Tsuruoka

What is performance? What is disability? What is embodiment?

CP Salon toured three Toronto post-secondary institutions through Fall 2009: Humber College, York University, and Ryerson University. The performance was followed by a panel discussion and break out conversations examining how our perception of disability and of performance can be transformed through sharing our gifts, challenges and experience with one another.

This tour was funded by the Toronto Arts Council, privately, and with the support of Picasso PRO/Creative Trust who are collaborating on the research aspects of the project and the panel discussions.

"Could we ever know each other in the slightest without the arts?" (Gabrielle Roy, on the Canadian 20 dollar bill)