DIVE is a sonic theatre experience that brings to life a story about love, intimacy, and the deepest needs of men and women. Two Sicilians meet in a dark seedy bar in 1938: a young journalist (Matthew Gouveia) who has just lost both his girlfriends, and an old and eminent classics professor (Earl Pastko). As the professor grows to trust the young man, he reveals the secret that haunts him: his encounter with a radiant, amoral, Greek-speaking mermaid. This mermaid, in the guise of several females (Fides Krucker) accompanies them vocally through the darkly humorous text, forcing them to consider their own desires, connection to the past and their ability to follow the wild and divine. Through its electroacoustic score, and an immersive set-up, DIVE submerges the viewer in the world of the story, creating a visceral experience that leaves each member of the audience searching for their own mermaid in our contemporary world.

DIVE has been developed with the continued support of Good Hair Day Productions (Julie Sits Waiting, Girl with no door on her mouth). DIVE premiered in the summer of 2015 at the ArrayMusic Studio in Toronto

The Mermaid: A Conversation with Fides Krucker – Julie Trimingham

‘Mussolini vs the Mermaid’ – BarczaBlog (July 29, 2015)

Purchase the music for ‘DIVE’: ‘DIVE: Odes for Lighea’ Compact Disc