JULIE SITS WAITING : September 14 – 23


Good Hair Day Productions, in Association with The Theatre Centre, presents:


Julie Sits Waiting

It’s all sweat and flesh… it’s violence and death… it’s love at first sight.

In a house under renovation, Julie, married to a police officer, and Mick, an Anglican priest, discover extraordinary intimacy – and colossal disaster.

A different kind of love-at-first-sight story, Julie Sits Waiting exposes the complexity of desire, as these ‘old’ characters, rich with life experience, have the audacity to insist upon reckless, youthful passion.

Acclaimed performers Fides Krucker and Richard Armstrong connect in a startling and profound way, breathing life into the intimacies of sweat, flesh and breath. Moving between speech and chant to bel-canto and extended-voice, their superb technique allows for a full range of expression, from the beautiful, to the grittier expressions of human emotions.

Commissioned from librettist Tom Walmsley and composer Louis Dufort, Julie Sits Waiting is Canadian opera at its best, combining the country’s strong playwriting history with Quebec’s rich electroacoustic music tradition.

Julie Sits Waiting is dirty opera: the tape gritty and raw, the voices both cracked and lyrical, offering a rare and intimate experience in the Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace this September.

Librettist: Tom Walmsley

Composer: Louis Dufort

Starring: Fides Krucker and Richard Armstrong Directed by: Heidi Strauss and Alex Fallis Set and Costume design by: Teresa Przybylski Video Design by: Jeremy Mimnagh Lighting Design by: Rebecca Picherack Sound Diffusion by: Darren Copeland Co-Produced by: Aislinn Rose [/raw]