The Mermaid: A Conversation with Fides Krucker – Julie Trimingham

Photo by Makoto Hirata —– I live by the salt water, and look out every day on a rock where seals sunbathe; my distance vision is impressionistic, the bodies lounging where rock meets wave might as well be mermaids….

Permission to Scream

Martha fell off her perch in the Cincinatti Zoo one hundred years ago. I wish I’d known her, known the darkening skies when 2.5 billion of her species, the passenger pigeon, flew in one large airborne colony, their beating wings deafening human ears below. Drawings by Audubon show a pretty bird, refined lines, the female […]

Hummingbird at dawn

Today I noticed something fresh; the sound of the human voice floating freely in the air. There is little traffic, no hum of tall buildings. I hear children’s voices and women’s voices and the men, too. Calling out to each other, singing fragments of song. Not competing with anything but the birds and the wind and the occasional […]

Naked Men Crying

January 2013 Steven Tyler is my boyfriend. Every time I listen to him on youtube I fall in love. There is something in the undisguised pain his voice lays bare that pulls me in – heart, head and pussy. I understand perfectly that I am needed when I hear that much pain. I know how […]

Documentary Singing

…A young girl…really, a toddler…is singing along with Adele in the back of the family van. She follows each curve of the melody and each curve of Adele’s emotional life within the song. Her ‘two-something’ ability to identify with thoroughly engaged temper tantrum holds her in good stead and she is really expressive within the container of this breakup song.

To yawn or not to yawn….

  To yawn or not to yawn? My still unnamed women’s choir is singing ‘The Girl from Ipanema.’ The twelve of us have been practicing for about an hour; our hips sway cool and gentle and our lips are articulating the text so ambiguously that the words sound more Brazilian Portuguese than English. We are […]

Archeology of the Female Voice…or how to reclaim the female ANS

I can’t stop thinking about the young Britney Spears. I found an old clip of her on YouTube – she is hardly ten years old and a contestant on Star Search – a TV show from the last century with Ed McMahon (Johnny Carson’s old side kick) as host. Britney is in a demure little […]


Eight dancers are moving through the intimate galleries of the Thomson Canadian Collection at the AGO…following the trail of folk songs that Ciara, my singing partner, and I are leaving behind. The acoustic is incredible and sung notes hang in the air forever, spreading and amplifying. I am looking at some very famous paintings as […]

Slipper Camp

Slipper camp is my version of a boot camp for the voice. Over one hour, in a group setting, I lead a class through my approach to vocal exercises. We begin by working on breath release, delving deeply into the parasympathetic functioning of the Autonomic Nervous System. We approach pitch as an extension of the […]

10 Questions for Fides Krucker – barczablog

Leslie Barcza gives 10 questions to Fides on 'Julie Sits Waiting'.